AMP Horizons Academy

IBI has many successful applicants to the AMP Horizons Academy Recruitment Team, and we are happy to introduce you to the AMP Academy Recruitment Speciliasts during your studies with us if you are interested.   

Students completing the Diploma of Financial Planning can apply to enter the AMP program.

The AMP Horizons Academy is a 12 month internship program during which successful applicants learn further practical skills to being a leading Financial Planner.  The Academy provides you with the opportunity to start your own business or be placed in an established firm at the end of the 12 months.
The 12-month paid training program starts with a 10-week course at the Horizons Academy in Sydney. It’s intensive learning, combining classroom lessons, self-paced e-learning, role plays, ongoing assessment and expert coaching. The broad curriculum is delivered by industry-leading experts from AMP and the wider financial planning industry. It covers:
  • client engagement skills
  • technical skills
  • business strategy kamagra oral jelly france
  • practice management
  • personal growth and development.
Integrity Education Graduates can directly apply to be accepted into the AMP Horizons Academy.  To be eligible for the AMP Horizons Academy you must complete the Diploma of Financial Planning qualification so you are RG146 Compliant.   During your studies with us we introduce you to the relevant Recruitment Specialists at AMP who will help you through the application process and chat with you about the fantastic opportunity the Academy represents.
The intake dates for the AMP Horizons program for 2014 are:
  • 31st March
  • 23rd June
  • 8th September
  • 24th November
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