Quality Systems Reports

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It is important that students be able to evaluate the quality of the education they are getting from their training provider. IBI is proud to present a series of industry standard reports which show how IBI rates in terms of student completions, and quality matrices. Similarly, Skills Victoria has asked those Government Funded providers to inform potential students about their courses and performance criteria.

Please download and review the following reports and satisfy yourself about the quality of IBI’s programs.  The AQTF Quality Indicators are available for you below:

Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Survey

AQTF Competency Completion Reports:

Report 1:Enrolments and Completions;

Report 2: Enrolment and Completion by Unit of Competency;

Report 3: Enrolment and Completion by State;

Report 4: Enrolment and Completion by State for Unit of Competency;


RTO Report 2012

ASQA Audit Report - Renewal Of Registration


IBI's Most Recently published Registration Audit Report (2008)

IBI's Most Recently published Compliance Audit Report (2011)

IBI's Most Recently published Compliance Audit Report (2012)

IBI Fee Schedule (2013)

IBI Students Enrolment Policy (2013)

IBI Refund Policies & Procedures

IBI Assessment Policy

IBI Fees & Charges Policy


Course Progress Policy

Scope of Registration

Skills Victoria Service Agreement 2012

Skills Victoria Service Agreement 2013

Please Note: The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment

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