Dealing with Difficult Customers

Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • The dynamics & role of power, structure and tension in business & personal relationships
  • Conflict or compromise – How to select the right strategy!
  • Dealing with anger
  • Neutralising a hostile situation and environment
  • Building bridges to positive outcomes
  • Communicating techniques in difficult situations
  • Identify the styles of difficult behaviour
  • Determine your own personal style
A critical management skill to secure for the modern workplace.

Difficult customers and difficult clients typically represent just a fraction of the customers we see each day, but they have a profound impact on people’s performance and motivation.

A difficult customer can be a rude customer, an unreasonable customer, an unhappy customer, a nasty customer or an irate customer.  Sometimes it starts with a difficult situation or a customer who is just in a bad mood - but very often we’ve unintentionally created the problems ourselves.  Whatever the cause, it requires specialised conflict resolution skills to create positive outcomes.

This course is designed for all  staff who need to develop skills in dealing with difficult people and difficult situations. This course identifies the typical signs to look for in a disgruntled customer and ways in which to communicate effectively to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

At the completion of this course, participants learning outcomes will be the ability to:

  • Build strategies for creating an atmosphere of positive communication
  • Identify ways people create and use conflict
  • Develop tactics that can help manage difficult behaviour
  • Diagnose underlying factors that cause barriers or breakdown of communication
  • Respond to difficult situations with professionalism and confidence

Duration 1 Day

Price $395 (incl. GST)

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