Public Speaking

  • Creating a good first impression
  • Using physical skills to reduce nervousness
  • Using discomfort to advantage
  • Conducting an instant audience analysis so your presentation design is relevant
  • Avoiding the critical mistakes & Pitfalls that trap most at public speaking
  • Using humour effectively; what type of humour & when to use it
  • Creating and effectively using visual aids that support your ideas
  • Thinking on your feet and handling really tough questions

This is the course you’ve been searching for!

You will secure the techniques and skills to overcome the most common human fear and channel that energy into dynamic presentation skills.  Overcome your fear of public speaking!
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This course is designed for  and aimed at individuals who need to develop their basic communication skills and who want to learn to communicate more easily, e.g. managers, customer service staff, technicians, engineers, counter sales staff, new (or experienced) supervisors, office staff, telephone sales etc.

At the completion of this course, participants learning outcomes will be the ability to:

  • Defeat their natural public speaking fears
  • Create a sincere rapport with their audience
  • Develop, organise and create a presentation design for any occasion
  • Use eye-contact, gestures and breath for maximum effect
  • Save endless hours of preparation before their next presentation
  • Handle and profit from tough questions
  • Use presentation skills to turn ‘speech’ into ‘conversation’
  • Use public speaking humour effectively
Duration 2 Days

Price $795 (incl. GST)

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