Venture Capital Program

These professional programs are now incorporated in our Bachelor of Investment Banking
  • Introduction & Definition of Venture Capital

  • Assessment of investment opportunities

  • Valuation in a Venture Capital Context

  • Venture Capital Method

  • Negotiating and Investing

Our Venture Capital program is designed to deliver the knowledge and practical skills required to provide advice to corporate clients, executives and entrepreneurs in venture capital.

1. Introduction & Definition of Venture Capital

Overview of venture capital industry & key definitions Impact of venture capital on the overall economy & role with public market financing Remuneration structures of venture capitalists

2. Assessment of investment opportunities

Dimensions of assessment with specific industry examples

3. Valuation in a Venture Capital Context

Specific challenges of valuation Four key valuation methods used by venture capitalists comparables, NPV, EBIT, FV

4. Venture Capital Method

Stages ‘method’ Valuation Problem

5. Negotiating and Investing

Negotiation role-play – (entrepreneur/negotiate a ‘real’ venture capital deal) Managing the information asymmetry and contracting documentation



3 Weeks (14 hours)

Class Times

1 Evening Lecture each week for 3 weeks
6.30 p.m. to 10.55 p.m. (12 hours in total – 4.5 hours x 3)

Delivery Mode

Instructor-Led Classroom Lectures Only


Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore


All students must have Knowledge of accounting & finance: You need not have a formal degree in those disciplines but need to be able to read profit & loss, cash flow statements and balance sheets and understand how they impact each other. A financial calculator is required.


Certificate of Completion (Venture Capital)


Our interactive Venture Capital program is conducted in an interactive classroom environment which achieves superior learning outcomes through interactive exercises, group activities and role plays so that you can be confident when you leave that you have all the tools and skills you need to maximise the investment you have made in yourself.

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