I Need PS146 (RG146) Compliance Training

Our Diploma of Financial Planning FNS50615 is ASIC RG146 registered and is considered the minimum entry requirement for those new to the financial planning industry seeking to be RG146 compliant or transferring to a position where they are required to provide advice to retail clients. It is an ASIC requirement that financial planners complete the minimum skills and knowledge components of the Diploma of Financial Planning before receiving authorisation to provide personal advice in the areas of investment planning, superannuation and insurance with consideration for the client's needs and risk profile.
  • I need RG146 Compliance Training?

  • I need to get PS146 (RG146) qualified?

  • What is the difference between "PS 146" and ”RG 146” training?

The PS in PS 146 is simply an abbreviation for the words "Policy Statement”. The number 146 is merely based on the number of previously designated publications produced by ASIC. A Policy Statement or Regulatory Guide (RG) is a formal document that is produced by the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC).

Policy Statement 146 (PS146) sets out ASIC’s position on Licensing and training requirements of product advisors that operate in the financial services industry in Australia. ASIC renamed all Policy Statements on the 5 July 2007 to Regulatory Guides. Thus PS 146 is now known as RG 146.

PS146 evolved due to the introduction of the Financial Services Reform Act 2001 (FSRA) that is now part of the Corporations Act 2001. PS146 (RG146) consists of 3 main sections that relate to the training standards for finance professionals operating in Australia as follows;.

[RG 146.1] - minimum training standards for people who provide financial product advice to retail clients (training standards).

[RG 146.2] – training standards that apply to a natural person depending on their AFSL and position. and

[RG 146.3] – completion of training courses listed on the ASIC Training Register based on their advisory activities.

Why is RG 146 so important to You?

If you wish to provide “retail financial product advice” you must be RG 146 compliant. That is you must complete this course to be legally provide personal advice on financial product to retail clients in the financial services industry.

Completing RG 146 course provide you with a number of opportunities to sell a wider range of financial products by applying to become an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Services License holder (licensee). This allows you to sell a broad range of financial products to be offered so that multiple revenue streams can be earned, either in the form of upfront payments and/or ongoing trailing commissions.

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Employers in the Financial Services industry will ask you if you have the RG 146 qualification as this is the minimum requirement for most job positions in the industry.

To obtain and read a copy of the RG 146 goto our Forms menu and download a copy or visit http://www.asic.gov.au/.

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