IBI Financial Literacy Course

All of us need to improve our literacy skills at some point of our lives.  Whether you are retired, attending school or need to understand your career options, literacy plays an important part in making an informed decision.

The IBI has quality educational and professional development courses that can help you develop your

  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Literacy
  • Mathematics (numeracy) Literacy.

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IBI financial literacy courses include the


The IBI literacy courses are based on

  • the Nationally accredited qualifications under the AQF
  • the quality standards set out in the Essential Elements Financial Literacy Assessment (see the EEFLA Guidelines).
  • the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework which provides guidance on financial literacy outcomes relevant to the different levels of school education, and
  • the National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework


For further information about financial literacy course in Australia please see

Understanding Money: www.understandingmoney.gov.au

The Australian Government's 'Understanding Money' website aims to build the capacity of people to better understand and manage financial risk. There is information about building financial skills and knowledge related to budgeting, saving, credit and its use, debt control, investing, superannuation, getting financial advice and looking out for scams and insurance. There are links to many quality educational resources and professional learning programs that can help deliver financial literacy programs.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission consumer education: (www.fido.asic.gov.au)

As the consumer protection regulator for financial services, ASIC's aim is to improve the financial literacy of Australian consumers so that they can make informed decisions about financial products and services, and identify and avoid financial scams and rip-offs. There is also valuable information relating to saving, budgeting, travelling, credit, insurance and exercising your rights.

  • Adult Education Guide, Financial Literacy and Competency Standards
  • the Financial Literacy competency standards through the National Training Information Service's website at www.ntis.gov.au or purchasing a copy from Innovation and Business Skills Australia at www.ibsa.org.au
  • the Foundation's Adult Education Guide: Principles of Adult Learning
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