Investment Banking Scholarships

Investment Banking Institute Business School Scholarship Program.

IBIBS, the Investment Banking Institute Business School, a leading Investment Banking advisory education provider.

IBIBS is a registered higher education provider with TEQSA.

IBIBS awards scholarships to students into our Bachelor of Investment Banking degree each year.

There are scholarships that reward outstanding academic results, or support you to achieve your study ambitions if you need assistance with tuition fees. There are also scholarships to develop your leadership skills.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident IBIBS is committed to supporting you and there are a number of scholarships you can apply for. Other scholarships relate to your regional or State location.

IBIBS industry scholarship are made available through the support of Australian Investment Banks, professional industry associations and other leading financial services institutions. To learn more visit

IBIBS is committed to providing access to higher education to students who might otherwise be excluded by socioeconomic, cultural, geographic and other disadvantages. IBIBS offers a range of scholarship opportunities to you.

Achieve your study ambitions and apply for a scholarship today.

Learn more about our Scholarships to Bachelor of Investment Banking

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